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God told me which he got unprotected sex with Lexi

God told me which he got unprotected sex with Lexi

Lena tells Callie and Jude that he need to ticket an exam to get into private college or university. To the test, Jude should get at the very least a 65. But when Lena spotted that he almost got a great 65, she transform one of is own responses. She performs this very they can stay at college and be that have Callie.

During the reveal, Garrett did an aspect from the his moms’ present propose to divorce case, and it also reinforced Lena and you will Stef’s dating

Lena tries to prepare for Mariana and you can Jesus’ quinceanera, since the she, Mariana, and you will Lexi see a dress fitted. Whenever Lena pays over she should for an outfit, $300, so it disappoints Stef simply because they don’t just features as often money as well as, and it’s really simply an a-big date topic. Lena says that the top are used for the newest prom, this woman is anxious giving Mariana and you will God a knowledgeable quinceanera. At the same time, Lena’s mom, Dana, check outs this new Fosters, however, factors much more argument on her. Lena becomes entirely offended when her mom says you to she’ll can’t say for sure what it is want to be a black girl, since she’s biracial, created in order to a white father, and you can she retaliates on foot out within the tears. Stef concerns Lena’s conserve and you may attempts to understand their thoughts. At the same time, Lena is seen experiencing the remaining portion of the nights, and establishing a video of the youthfulness off Jesus and you will Mariana for the movies. Whenever Mariana seems awful that she did not score a way to dance with her parents, she and you can Stef promote the woman an embrace and you may dancing together with her.

Stef and Lena is throwing an event that have visitors. Goodness says you to its team sucks and she produces your clean up the meals. Following class is more than, Wyatt raises themselves so you can Stef and you can Lena. Wyatt assists the latest moms with laundry food. He then simply leaves establishing a first an effective feeling while they such as for example your. Those actions irritates Brandon who may have created thoughts to have Callie.

It drove house and you may, when in the fresh garage, began to participate both sexually

Stef put God domestic. Lena and Stef disagreed for the action to take. Stef believed they should allow the pill so you’re able to Lexi, and never give their mothers. Lena thought that is incorrect and stormed off to get clothed.

Stef is at domestic and you can Lena hurried the home of argue which have the woman as Lexi involved her place of work to tell this lady to thank Stef having offering her [Lexi] the latest early morning just after tablet. Lena reprimanded Stef and she battled right back. Stef said that she performed that was perfect for the kid and you can Lexi. Lena unwillingly assented having Stef for the time being. Brandon rushes upstairs to acquire ily carry out overdo it, Mariana had a nose striking and you will Stef and you can Lena was indeed displeased however, neglected it for the present time so they really might get for the tell you.

Early one morning, Stef and Lena try sitting yourself down regarding home within morning meal enabling God package eating which have Lexi’s parents. Stef jokingly tells Goodness what they are that have and you can God is actually amazed. Stef informs him one to she had been sarcastic and you may questioned why is he so excited about it and it is simply a good dinner on Riveras just who they usually have noted for very long.

Brandon is doing keyboard, and you may Lena arrived to his space, and you will advised your you to his instructor was lucky getting your. Brandon tells Lena he hopes that he will not mess up as the he has only one chance. Shortly after Brandon and you will Lena finished talking, Lena need him best wishes with the their keyboard audition and advised your which he doesn’t have anything to worry about.