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I’m sure we have been to the DL and everybody must be homosexual but in this instance is not

I’m sure we have been to the DL and everybody must be homosexual but in this instance is not

Sam’s perhaps not gay, I’m hoping that you all the understand why but I’m able to see why Lindsay is indeed connected with the girl. she’s among the many not many anybody as much as that when you fulfill in your method you can’t picture lifetime without them, the woman is really awesome once the a guy and you will mainly just like the a buddy

yes r750, exactly about sam screams straight, there is no way she would be gay, in my opinion this woman is matchmaking it precious son called draw ronson, these include may see together

r752 I know you to definitely about Sam shouts lesbian but is it so impractical to accept that specific butch appearing woman you are going to actually end up being upright?

I know is tough to believe and i also be aware that your perform it or otherwise not, I’m simply saying everything i see and you can the things i understand try not really what everybody need to pay attention to but it’s brand new realities.

Good morning, we’ve been reading to possess days one to Ronson was ‘openly gay’. Today certain Pr fangurl idiot attempts to inform us or even. Please. Oh, and you may any type of its dating, the images cam for themselves. I’ve Never immediately after nuzzled anybody’s neck unless I got dishonorable intentions!

Oh wait, when it is speculation on Wentworth Miller otherwise among almost every other a great deal of people you think try gay, it might possibly be typical

r760, most likely once the she’s. She’s most likely an effective Lindsay Lohan tween fangurl and you may she’s seeking declare that Sam is actually upright because the of the this lady reasoning, who would and mean Lindsay is actually upright and so are “only nearest and dearest.”

r750 Why must you think Samantha is actually upright? Samantha you will choose given that bisexual in lieu of gay. Have you thought about that? The woman is definitely not upright, even when, sorry.

And additionally, We accept r758 into the neck nuzzling, never ever, previously over that with anyone who was only a friend, disappointed.

I am not sure to possess Lindsay, I am not sure her and you will You will find never spoke to help you their inside the individual however, I can certaly point out that Sam is so much off getting gay, I am unable to extremely understand why some one guess to understand everything about someone of her or his looks

r753 does not Consider Sam is actually upright. 753 is a great deluded teenager who’s got simply know he has no possibility that have Lohan. Or if perhaps she is a woman, just pointed out that their dependence on Lohan make their a good dyke, therefore Lohan’s “BFF” should be straight, which could create Lohan upright also.

Jesus Christ. Once again, I reiterate men; observe new fifth seasons of your L Word, and take a great have a look at “Nikki Stevens”. She’s based on LL.

and additionally, understand that Angela Robinson, whom brought (and blogged) a number of L term episodes which have Nikki in them, and brought Herbie: Completely Stacked – and then we all understand who starred in You to definitely flick.

kaching 770. the greater number of people that begin to see this, the better. FYI anyone, LL has been closeted when you look at the La-la got for most years now. In fact, just like the she try to 19. That’s including when she started to rating fucked upwards. there were girls in advance of Sam. 3 which i normally consider from the most useful out-of my personal head. and possibly individuals that was in fact never ever produced societal.

A very hottttt broadcast DJ. worked with tight before. Sexy I share with . sensuous. and you can on the 5 times significantly more femme than simply LiLo.

Semel is additionally very really femme. I do not believe Lohan cares in order to much towards femme or softer butch point. she def does not like the totally butch lady. however, she’s quite unlock. including, (my opinion merely) i believe she actually is a top during intercourse anyway, it never count really.

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